Master’s Degree 120 Credits

A master’s degree in leadership is available for those seeking advanced training and equipping beyond their bachelor’s degree. The master’s program requires students to prepare and teach curriculum as part of their capstone project. This includes writing a workbook, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, and presenting the material in a classroom setting.

The Master’s Degree is 120 credits from 4 different learning categories.

Prerequisite Classes

MIN 100: Ministry in the 21st Century
MIN 101: Developing a Ministry Plan
MIN 103: Spiritual Gifts in Our World Today
MIN 104: 5 Fingers of God
MIN 150: Praying with Power
LDR 101: Heart of a Leader, Part 1
BIB 101: Old Testament Survey 1
BIB 102: Old Testament Survey 2
BIB 103: Old Testament Survey 3
BIB 104: New Testament Survey 1
BIB 105: New Testament Survey 2
COM 101: Effective Writing
COM/PAS 301: Public Speaking
PDV 100: Staying the Course

26 Credits

Core Classes

COM 103: Inspirational Teaching
COM 104: Creating a Curriculum
Any MIN, LDR, BIB, COM, PDV courses

5-31 Credits

Master's Capstone

COM 201: Curriculum 1 and 2 (10 credits)
COM 202: Curriculum 3 (20 credits)

30 Credits

Elective Classes

Includes advanced standing, book reviews, service
learning, and any AIU course

59 Credits

Master's Degree Faculty

Greg Brown

Loraine Coleman

other guest faculty

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